About Me

Hello! I’m happy you found my blog!

I’m Lily, an English major by day and knitter by night.

I first started knitting in 2020 when I was at home most of the day, and needed something to occupy my hands during online classes. I started with a hat and moved on to sweaters. I prefer knitting socks now, with my busier university schedule.

Knitting helps me focus. I knit while I watch movies, attend online lectures, and listen to music. On breaks between studying, I knit a few rows to let my brain unclench for a bit. That’s also why I bake when I have assignments or readings that I’ve put off- it’s something about the time intervals. While things simmer or rest or cook, I have ten to twenty minutes to write a paragraph and read a few pages.

On this blog, I’ll be up late cooking, working through my knitting projects, and curating some playlists. If you’re a student, a knitter, a baker, or you just need some quiet company, spend some time with me.

Contact me at knittingafterhours@gmail.com

You can find more of my writing at The Starfish Canada