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This week I’ve been thinking more about design, especially reading Travis Greta’s article “Design Machines” on Louder Than Ten. For now my website serves its purpose and I think it is fairly straightforward to use, but I don’t know how much personality it has. I decided to try using a photo as the header background, and use some of the colours from the photo through the blog. Right now I like how warm yellows look with light blues, and most of my yarn is in shades of yellow, orange, or blue, so I chose yellow for the background and blue for the footer.

Sofia from Day in The Life of Sofia gave me some great suggestions for the blog, and I think I will take her advice and start working on a section with knitting tutorials. I am going to be filming a video in the next couple of days for our third mini assignment, so I’ll make a YouTube channel that I can link somewhere in the website, probably in the footer. There I can make short videos explaining things like cast-on methods, blocking, and types of stitches. I’m still learning, and teaching others is one of the best ways to learn, so I think that would be a fun aspect of this website to develop.

I’ve been working on some music, and I’d like to incorporate that into the home page as well. This week has been a lot of thinking, I suppose, but I think that is good for me. I tend to make a lot of split-second decisions that I end up changing my mind on later. I’ve promised myself to take my time with things because I know designing a blog takes time, and I want to create something that is somewhat flexible to account for my moment-to-moment changes in preference.

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