Installation and Setup

This is my first time using WordPress to build a website. Actually, this is my first time ever building a website. When I’m learning something new and exciting, I often want to be good at it immediately and get frustrated when it takes time to learn how to do it. Even when I was a little kid I wanted to do everything myself (maybe a trait left over from being an only child.) I’ve dropped a lot of hobbies over the years; sourdough bread, sewing, taking care of houseplants, drawing- because I compared myself to people who had been working at these skills for years.

 I first started to knit when I was about 12 or 13 and stopped after knitting a few lumpy scarves and the first few squares for a patchwork blanket. Then I picked it up again and knit my very first sweater! A cable-knit (bad idea for first try) jumper that had arms about a metre long each and a too-short torso.

After a summer of swearing off knitting for the rest of my life because I was so frustrated, I decided to knit my dad a toque for Christmas. That led to a pair of colour-work mittens for my mother (pattern: Hokey Pokey mittens by DROPS Designs), and eventually my current knitting projects, the Monochrome Pullover by Katrin Schneider on Ravelry and the Boyland socks pattern from 52 Days of Socks by Laine, projects that I will be sharing here eventually. 

Anyway, I cycled through about 5 themes before I landed on this one (Scandinavia), because I I like the simple design and I’ve found it’s fairly straightforward to edit. I then spent about two hours figuring out how to put a button that leads to my Pinterest page. I finally followed the instructions of Chris Racicot’s article on GreenGeeks (find it here) and realized how easy it is. I have a feeling I will need to be very patient with myself.

 I used Pinterest to create my vision boards, which I suppose is more of a collection of things I’d like the website to feel like than of goals for the future of this site. I included sections for knitting patterns, knitting stitches, food, photography, and art.

View my Pinterest profile here

I’m planning to post photos both to this website and to Pinterest, to learn about photography and document scenes from everyday life. This is also my first time using Pinterest, and I discovered quickly how much inspiration there is. I’ve already found a bunch of patterns and recipes I want to try.

I chose the name of this website, Knitting After Hours, because so far it’s been a night-time and spare-time hobby to occupy my hands. But I’d like to take knitting more seriously- it’s one of the few activities I’ve managed to stay committed to over the years. I hope this will be something I’m proud of, a site where I can post about things I like and things I learn while I knit.

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