Narrowing into a Niche

a snowy forest

A few days ago I started an Instagram account connecting with this website. It’s worked quite well to bring more readers to the website, especially if I mention a new blog post in a caption. About 37% of the traffic from the last 28 days has come from Instagram, and I saw a spike after a social media post on Nov 13 when 15 users visited the site. I’ve had 63 users for the past month, which might not seem like many, but it’s a 54% increase since last month.

Overall I’ve had 99 users in total with a bounce rate around 47%. The bounce rate has been fairly steadily decreasing since early October, which hopefully means my posts are not terribly boring.

I’ve been trying to refine my targeted audience, because I think choosing a niche will help me reach more people. I’d like to do something around the history of knitting, like knitting superstitions, using vintage patterns, and how knitting has changed over the years. I follow a lot of content creators who focus on historical dress, and I really enjoy learning about how crafts and art used to be done. I don’t want to narrow down my focus too much, and I still want to keep the recipe section and be able to write odd posts that align with my interests at a particular point in time, but I’m excited to learn more about knitting through history and maybe make that my focus.

The semester only has a few weeks left. The way that time has sped up over the last few months is both exciting, because I’m looking forward to winter break, but it also blows my mind. I can’t believe how fast time is going. It’s true that once you get older, time goes by faster. In December I’ll have more time for knitting, so I’d like to prepare for narrowing my focus by learning a more about knitting as a historical craft.

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