Stretching Across Media

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For the next while I’m going to focus on Instagram to integrate transmedia storytelling into the website. At the beginning I think I stretched a little too thin starting a few other connected profiles, and Instagram is the most fitting channel for me to focus on right now.

On Instagram, I’d like to shadow what I post on this blog, but in smaller pieces, so people can see what I’m working on without having to check around a bunch of different forms of media to find different content. One unique aspect of Instagram is that I’ll be able to share little bits from a project I’m working on or something I’m researching, before I write the full post.

I’m looking forward to getting a lot more time to knit over the break. I’d like to try to make another YouTube video for my next project. I have an idea in mind, inspired by Roxanne Richardson, that has to do with socks and time. I’m not entirely sure how it will work yet, and I’ll have to do some yarn shopping, but I’m excited to create more of a narrative within the blog and social media channels. I’ve just been publishing content surrounding knitting and a couple of other hobbies, but I really want to narrow down because it’s tricky to keep coming up with things to talk about within such a general topic. At first, I was considering a blog focused on the how-tos of knitting alongside my own progress in the craft, but if I’m honest with myself, I’m not great at explaining things. I learned what I know through a mix of other knitters’ explanations and trial and error, and because I’m really not an expert I’d rather leave the teaching to experienced knitters.

What I do enjoy is history. Not the kind of history where you study all the bad things and wars, though that is important and I like a bit of that. What I really like to learn about is how people used to live, day to day, how they ate and slept and dressed and filled their time. There’s a few historical dress experts and historical knitters that I’ll list in another post who convinced me that not all history is trying and failing to remember which day/month/year a very important event happened.

Personal projects take a lot of time. I’ll always think there’s something that can be better, or an avenue I’d like to go down that contradicts my earlier focus. I’m not going to rush it, and I’m going to give myself license to do silly things and imperfect posts and spend a few weeks obsessing over something, make myself tired of it, and never mention it again.

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