Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

My favourite type of hot chocolate is thick, spiced, and not very sweet. I make some of this hot chocolate for my family once in a while, usually after a stressful week.

Hot chocolate is fairly simple, the way I like to make it. 

Grab a pot. Heat up some milk, about one cup for each serving you want to make.

A small copper pot filled halfway with milk is sitting on a stovetop over a gas burner

Add some cocoa powder- I usually do a generous tablespoon per cup of milk. Add some honey, maybe another half tablespoon.

A blue ceramic honey pot and a brown paper bag of cocoa powder are sitting on a brown countertop

Whisk for about a century until all of the clumps of cocoa powder are dispersed. 

Add some chocolate chips once the milk has some bubbles and steam coming up from the surface. I like semisweet or dark chocolate. I never adhere to chocolate chip measurements, but let’s say one to two tablespoons. Add about half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Mix everything together until smooth. Taste it now, to see if it’s sweet enough or chocolatey enough.

Pour into some mugs.

One hand is holding a mug next to a copper pot and another hand is pouring hot chocolate from a ladle into the mug

Whipped cream is very important, put a lot on top. If you’d like, sprinkle some nutmeg on the whipped cream. 

Change up the amounts depending on how you prefer it. It goes very well with shortbread cookies!

I first made a cup of this for my mum when she pulled her back and was stuck on the couch for a day, which is about as long as she can go without ‘doing something productive’. She always tells me she feels guilty for resting, because there are so many things she could be doing. I think it’s very important to do absolutely nothing for a few minutes every day. Make something that tastes good, and drink it slowly.

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