Let’s Twist Socks

This is the Let’s Twist sock pattern by Raquel Gaskell on Ravelry. They are the first pair of socks I’ve knitted.

find the pattern here!

This was a great pattern for a beginner sock knitter, although I would recommend knowing how to do cables beforehand.

A pair of yellow knitted socks on a beige carpet.

I used a beautiful yellow hand-dyed yarn with specks of green and purple. It was a Christmas present from my mother that I’ve been hesitant to knit up, because I want to do it justice. But I’ve realized that yarn, though beautiful as a skein, is meant to be used. This pattern used a little less than a 100g skein for two socks.

A person's feet wearing yellow knitted socks on a light blue wool blanket.

One issue I ran into was making the decreases for the heel even. When I followed the pattern instructions for turning the heel exactly, I ended up with an uneven number of stitches on each side. So, rather than just p2tog and turn at the end of row 4, I decided to p2tog, p1, then turn. I found that in doing this, my decreases were even and didn’t slant to one side as they had before.

I enjoyed knitting these socks so much that I bought Laine’s 52 Weeks of Socks, so I would always have a pattern to use. I’m indecisive and impatient. My least favourite part of knitting is finding a pattern, I just want to cast on already!. But when I found this book I liked every pattern inside, and now I won’t have to search for another sock pattern for at least a year! I’ve just started working on the Boyland socks, the pattern for week 17, by Caitlin Hunter.

Now I just need to find some shoes that match well with knitted socks- I don’t think New Balance runners, usually my shoe of choice, work well with bright yellow hand-knit woollen socks that reach above my ankles.

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