5 Comforting YouTube Channels

I like to watch movies or YouTube videos when I knit, especially ones that make me feel calm and comfortable. I thought I’d share my favourite YouTube channels at the moment.

  1. 조조캠핑

Google translated the title of this channel from Korean as Early Morning Camping, I apologize if this is incorrect. On her channel, Chocho goes camping- in the winter for three months in an air tent, in the pouring rain, in her car, everywhere. My favourite thing about this channel is Chocho’s upbeat personality and positive, adaptable attitude.

A screenshot of Chock's YouTube channel Videos section.

I went camping in the rain once with a couple of friends. On the second night our tent leaked through the seams in the floor and we slept on puddles of water, as our parents had dropped us off without a car to escape into. We had fun, but I wish I had found Chocho’s channel before we went. She loves camping in the rain, and makes it look like the most magical time you can have outdoors.

2. Jonna Jinton

Jonna is a Swedish YouTuber living in the north of Sweden. She films her day to day life living in a cold climate, her work as an artist and photographer, and the process of running her jewelry business with her husband. I like to watch her channel whenever it’s above 30 C in the summer and I miss wintertime. My great-grandfather was Swedish and I’m trying- slowly- to learn Swedish, so I enjoy watching her life in Sweden and when she occasionally speaks Swedish.

A screenshot of Jonna Jinton's YouTube channel Videos section.

3. Gorogoro Kitchen

Mamiko and her husband live in Paris. She is a beauty journalist, and records their adventures and favourite places to go around France. The thing that stands out most about her is her curiosity- whenever she visits a new shop or destination she has thoughtful conversations with the staff. She films tours of French houses as well.

A screenshot of Gorogoro Kitchen's YouTube channel Videos section.

Mamiko also shares the process of decorating her home with French antiques and second hand furniture. Some of my favourite videos are ones where she visits flea markets, as she has wonderful taste. Mamiko is a home cook, and her meals are all warm and look delicious.

4. Baumgartner Restoration

Julian Baumgarter is a second-generation fine art conservator in Chicago. This channel is a little different from the previous ones I’ve mentioned as it is not a vlogging channel, but the videos are so well-crafted that each feels like a little movie.

A screenshot of Baumgartner Restoration's YouTube channel Videos section.

While showing the process of conservation, which is relaxing to watch, Julian explains the history behind pieces and the reasons why he chooses certain techniques to preserve different paintings.

5. Her 86m2

Thuỷ of Her86m2 and her family live in Germany. They record their moments together as a family tending to their vegetable garden, cooking with its yield, and making their house a home. I started watching their channel when they lived in a beautiful apartment with a little balcony garden, and one year ago they moved to a 150-year-old house in the countryside of northern Germany, where they have a large backyard to raise plants.

A screenshot of the Her 86 metres squared YouTube channel Videos section.

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